Over the last couple of years, Eric Seifert has started hearing from past clients whom he helped get commercial loans to start their businesses more than two decades ago.
Just like him, they’re approaching retirement age, want out of their businesses and are looking to Seifert to help them through the process.
“They’re calling me and it seems to be, ‘Eric, you got me into this, now get me out,’” said Seifert, who founded Left Coast Capital Resources LLC in Muskegon late last summer.
“It’s kind of fun going full circle with those people.”
A former commercial banker and consultant with the Michigan Small Business Development Center, the 64-year-old Seifert formed his own firm after he saw an opportunity to work with aging entrepreneurs who now want to exit their businesses.
Left Coast Capital Resources works with small business owners on short- and long-term exit planning and securing capital or credit, plus represents buyers and sellers in the M&A market. The firm’s “sweet spot” is companies with $3 million or less in annual revenue. READ MORE.